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Some of you visiting here today because we met in my car. That Uber driver that shared a little about my journey back to health. Some of you might know me from my days in broadcasting from 2003 to 2012. Good to see you…8-)

My name is Michael J Loomis, and this space will be where you find a good part of my narrative. At least some bits and pieces of it, with a weightier dose of the events that cover the last few years of my life. A little about who I was, where I have been and what I wish I would have known along the way. The only past I can change is the one in front of me. One bite at a time.

Locus Focus – Feed your microbes. This has been my area of focus recently. What do the things that live in and on this body that are working together with us for the overall benefit and longevity of this body of ours need to eat?

Have you ever really thought about that?

That other non-human 99% of DNA that is living in and on this body. Those other cells that make up 90% of our cellular mass. And of that, 99% of those microbes are still a total mystery to the scientific community. So what is their best interest and what is our part in that?

This is the direction I am currently heading. Truly we are Legion…For we are many. And it would seem that the more(variety), the better.

There are a few links to the left where you can find my morsels of research and data gathering for my upcoming publishing adventures.

<— Fungal Underground Question and Answer(FUQ’n’A)

One of my calculable goals is to help people better understand one of the simplest things that can be done to improve your overall health. Simply chew more. Even if you don’t change what it is you are putting in your mouth, change what you do once it’s in there and time will take care of the rest. However, I must warn you that you will likely also find yourself wanting to change what it is you are putting in there over time as well.

Within this space I hope to do many things. One of them is to reawaken the spirit of a gentleman by the name of Horace Fletcher, also known historically as, “The Great Masticator.” He preached:  

• Eat only when you are hungry.
Chew the food to a pulp and then drink that pulp.
• Do not swallow solid foods.
• Drink all liquids sip by sip; do not drink in gulps.

Fletcher and his followers recited and followed his instructions religiously, even claiming that liquids, too, had to be chewed in order to be properly mixed with saliva. Fletcher argued that his mastication method will increase the amount of strength a person could have while actually decreasing the amount of food consumed. Fletcher promised that “Fletcherizing”, as it became known, would turn “a pitiable glutton into an intelligent epicurean.” Adapted from~Wikipedia

Fletcher was an intelligent man who had many creative ideas that were healthful, but as with many, he struggled with moderation.

Unfortunately, Fletcher carried his ideas to such extremes that he starved himself to death.  First he ate only potatoes, cornbread, and beans and on rare occasions, eggs, milk, and fish balls made mostly from potatoes. He decided that breakfast was unnatural, so he ate only one meal a day.  He then decided that humans have to fast several days a week. He felt that hunger was caused by previously overeating. He then decided to spit out all the food that was left after extensive chewing has taken out all the flavor from his food. He then took in only liquid soups and developed extensive tooth decay and massive constipation.

At age 69, he was swallowing almost no fiber, so he had no bowel movements and was so constipated that his belly pushed up against his chest to compress his lungs and make him so short of breath that he couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs. He was now in a starvation mode in which he was deficient in essential nutrients that impaired his ability to kill germs and he died of pneumonia in 1919.