You Already Know

that when it comes to diet and lifestyle choices that there is always room for improvement. Most of us are fully aware of the less than stellar decisions we are making regarding our body and the things we put in its mouth. 3.5 years into my own exodus and I still struggle with what I know is right and to the contrary, what I want to do. But fortunately good sober-minded decision making gets easier with time. It’s not something we have to learn, our body already knows the way, we just need to follow; to listen. I’ve discovered that my body is my guide and if I just listen it will tell me the way and I bet it is that way for you too.

Do you know how to listen? What to listen for?

Our true nature will shine brighter each and every day as we continue on in a more excellent way. A life of ease rather than one of disease. Our skin; our largest and most important part of our existence of which we cannot live without.