My Magic Bullets

Nicotinic Acid(Niacin) Vitamin B-3 – 3 Grams daily broken up over 3 doses to minimize niacin flushing. Some people need to start out as low as 300 mg daily. Ultimately though for some a dose of 3-6 Grams daily must be reached for desired therapeutic effects. I was one of those people. Eventually I felt sufficient and backed down to 3 500mg tablets 3 times per day.

I also take a B Vitamin Complex and 5-HTP before bed to buffer the larger dose of Nicotinic Acid(Niacin).

Boron: 10 mg a day.

Iodine: Currently 2.5 mg a day. 1 drop Lugol’s solution in water. This is more of a maintenance dose.

Selenium. 200 mg – 400 mg a day

Neem Oil: Not currently taking. Previously(40 drops 1 time per day in preferred carrier oil).

I usually start all of my supplementation with as small a dose possible and work my way up over time to allow my body to get used to all new supplements.

Boron and Magnesium work synergistically to improve parathyroid gland function.

Iodine and Selenium work synergistically to improve thyroid gland function.

Neem Oil(Organic) drastically improves the epithelium(lining) of the digestive tract. This will kill off excessive bacterial overgrowth to improve a healthy biome and improve nutrient absorption.

This is my own personal regimen. This is not a recommendation for others, but a data set that I have been using to cleanse my body and return it to a more youthful state. My hope is that this information will be of use to you in finding your own Magic Bullets. What follows is somewhere to start for the beginner.

Neem Oil(Organic) – 5 drops in a teaspoon of black seed oil. Once a day in the morning. After 1 week try another 5 drops in the evening for a total of 10 drops a day. You should expect some discomfort. That means it is working. I personally at this time take 40 drops once a day for convenience and maintenance.

Boron – This can be attained in pill form in 3mg or 6mg forms. I personally use 20 Mule Team Borax so that I can affordably take what I consider to be the effective dosage necessary to affect the changes I desire(165mg/day). Further reading for personal dosing.