But Why? 2019.08.09

I see statements like the following.

It(Copper) helps maintain a healthy metabolism, promotes strong and healthy bones and ensures your nervous system works properly.

Am I the only one to stop and ask why? Or how this statement can be made without qualification?

These are simply observations of what a body with sufficient levels of copper does.

  1. Maintains a healthy metabolism.
  2. Promotes strong healthy bones.
  3. Ensures peak nervous system performance.

But why?

Because your body uses copper to fight disease in its tissues. If you are deficient in copper it may be because of an underlying issue of disease not yet visible to your senses or immune system.

If your body is chronically battling disease, over time the bodies soft tissues will become filled with calcifications or tumors where disease lost and your immune system entombed it in minerals(calcium). A healthy body has strong bones because it is not constantly having to rob calcium from the bones to entomb diseased tissue.

Peak nervous system performance is realized though the anti-bacterial effects sufficient systemic copper. Certain human pathogens are known to travel along the nervous system pathways causing damage to the nervous system. Even sometimes resulting in disorders of the tissues in the brain resulting in inflammation and calcifications.

And all that thought process from the first few lines of this article.