Are Humans Well Suited For a Frugivore Fare?

This is my response to a post in a friends Facebook group that promotes a more fruit based diet. Enjoy…

<–MY OPINION–>Personally, I still believe that we are omnivores best suited for a whole-food, single-ingredient diet. A diet made up of a whole collection of single ingredients rather than highly processed foods.

Can someone consume a frugivore fare and live healthy and well? I believe they can for a time. Perhaps maybe even for a long time. It really just depends on whether or not they can get a broad enough spectrum of ALL the nutrients and building blocks their body needs in their daily fare. Most cannot in our modern world, and eventually, the wheels will fall off of their under-nourished frugivore bus. Maybe not in 2 years, or 5 years, or even 10 years, but eventually, the nutritional piper will need to be paid.

On the other end of the spectrum(extreme), you have the cray cray carnivores. They can get along just fine for a time too. But eventually, in like manner, the wheels will fall off of their bus as well. For them, though, it will be a woefully painful calling of metabolic madness.

Both diets, in my opinion, are different wings of an omnivore bird.

And this is why I still believe that we are best served by being a well-balanced omnivore in the dietary portion of our existence.

Life is meant to be lived as a well-formed and balanced kingdom where exercise is King and diet is Queen, and without both, you don’t have a kingdom.

Work hard, eat right, and sleep right. If you can do these three things almost everything else will follow and fall into place according to natural law.

Listen to your body. Even if it is telling you something that may not concur with the path you have been on for some time.

Again, this is my opinion, based on my studies of human physiology and disease pathology over the last 6+ years. Thanks for reading…😎 and be blessed.

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