Addiction and Disease

Choosing to live a life without craving does not come cheap. It cost me almost everything. Nearly everything to no longer be double-minded. What a quiet life, even able to navigate my dreams to my own destination.

-Michael J Loomis

What does addiction have to do with disease you ask…I would suggest everything. More to follow…

What If’s-2018/12/22

What if…Regarding cancer, rather than trying to think outside the box, maybe we should be looking at it and wondering if it was ever a box to begin with.

What if…We have been looking at what we call cancer too closely and have missed the bigger picture. Focused too acutely on individual cells, or too deeply inside of them. That cancer needs to be observed like a forest…From a distance.


What if…The majority of human disease is simply septic in nature or toxin based in origin?

Is there anyone historically that has attempted to cure cancer, not at the individual level, but at a multi-generational/genetic level? Seeking gains at the multi-generational level.

What if…There were no such thing as genetic lines of disease?

What if…Disease were simply a continual passing down of bad alimentary habits passed from one generation to the next resulting in the same malady in both parent and child?

-Michael J Loomis

Process Protocol

Process Protocol(dietary/physiological) Рverb: to perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it. A transformation from a diminished usable form(someone) to a more useful and efficient pure form.

I am currently testing, on myself anyways, what I call a process protocol. A purification process that is comprised of a lot of well placed(apart from food) proteolytic enzymes. I also take specific digestive enzymes with my meals and snacks along with a good bit of prebiotic fiber. This all coupled with a reduced calorie intake of about 1500-1700 calories a day with no fruit and no sugar.

The idea is to transform my alimentary tract, from nose to tail, into the equivalent of an extremely efficient sugar fermenting refinery, an efficient water treatment plant and smooth running septic system by using the same concepts found in septic systems and industrial process plants. The end result being to backpedal the effects of aging and then slow down the effects of aging as much as possible until technology can better/best us in that area too. All while effectively reducing the metabolic load on my system as a whole.

Another thing I am attempting to do is reboot, refurbish and hack my endocrine system. Get it back to what it would have looked like at say 18 years of age.

And then finally I am working on a way to improve the overall functionality of the lymphatic system to best work in my favor to rid my body of disease.

process-protocol-144My working theory, through best practices of ingestion, digestion and waste coupled with minimal exertion resistance training at maximum flexion, is that I should be able to minimize, delay or even completely hinder the effects of aging as much as humanly possible. That is make it to 100 years of age with a body that looks at most like a fit 40. And ultimately push death back to at least 144.

I imagine if I can avoid obesity and diabetes, stave off the effects of dementia for long enough, coupled with a diet that doesn’t spike insulin, that I should also be able to improve cardiovascular health and apoptosis, resulting in having a hard time not living beyond 120, barring any accidental external trauma. All with a body that halts or at least limits the process of deterioration currently associated with aging.

I was born in 1972, and I would like to see the 22nd century. My goal is 144 years of youthful living without suffering. I also imagine that, if successful, that this way of life could also solve a number of problems related to the current population status and load on our land.

Digestive Enzymes

Through my continued experimentation with digestive enzymes, I am becoming more convinced that we need to start trading some of the money we are spending on food for money spent on enzymes. To the point that we can probably easily consume 1700 or less calories a day with proper digestive enzyme supplementation and end up with a greater nutritional impact, lower financial and metabolic cost resulting in better health and extended longevity.

Currently taking Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Pancreatin, Garden of Life Organic Digest(multi-enzyme blend), Enzymedica Digest Gold(multi-enzyme blend), Rutin and Nattokinase.

Further thoughts to follow.

Chew Digest…The Publication

This is where you will find updates to the coming publication. If you would like to follow along with my discoveries and research visit The Fungal Underground. There you will find some of my original thoughts and personal practices, but for the most part the Fungal Underground Q’n’A or FUQNA.COM is a place where I collect all of the relevant data my future publication.

Cheers…Michael J Loomis