Simply Younger

It would seem that I have figured out how to negate the effects of aging in my body.

Or at least the things that made me look and feel older. Aches, pains, freckles, moles, age spots, liver spots, skin tags, etc. Even arthritis it seems. I’m so limber it’s almost comical. I can squat down, bow, touch my head to the ground and stand back up without using my hands, aside from balance.

I don’t think my body will ever look like a seventeen year old again, but that’s what I’m shooting for. I’ve had so much success at this point that it is at least worth shooting for.

I am expecting that Continue reading Simply Younger

The Journey-2020.03.11

Well…It’s going to have to start somewhere. So let’s see if this is it. Giddy up!!!

Oncolytic Viral Therapy is currently on my radar. Specifically as it relates to lymphoma.

Oncolytic Viruses—Interaction of Virus and Tumor Cells in the Battle to Eliminate Cancer

Sleep. Working on this one each and every day. It does take time to make lasting changes when it comes to sleep. I’ve always been overly optimistic all throughout my own recovery. I can’t imagine I am the only one that does that.

I am however not bothered that my own self imposed timelines and expectations keep getting pushed back a little further. I want lasting change and by right I should expect that the process of making right be one that only happen in real time. There is no shortcut to lasting change.

I want to better understand circadian rhythm better. I have a feeling it is something that might be holding many secrets captive. Secrets one can access by participating in the rhythm in real time. Like watching a movie before VCR’s and DVR’s.