KATA SARX(According to the Flesh)

I like to think of our body as the agency or consciousness that has been evolving for tens of thousands of years before my consciousness was ever aware of its existence. That my body or any of our bodies are temporary manifestations of the foundational, colonial pool of genetic life, we call homo sapien.

Our genetics and our immediate environment direct our biological differences regarding visible characteristics, physiology, disease susceptibility, mental abilities, body size, and life span. Though individual bodies vary in many ways, two humans no matter how different they appear are more than 99% alike. The greatest degree of genetic variation exists between males and females. Any married human can point out every single damn difference.

As such, I have come to understand that our body exists in and of itself and my consciousness of it and what I can do is completely at the will and pleasure of our body.

Consider our stem cells. Our body contains within itself the cause of itself, and it is precisely the foundation by which we can even have consciousness. And our individual consciousness is very fortunate to get to take a part of this continuum of humanity by which we get to but for a moment experience what we call Life.

That being said, I believe we of the upper order consciousness have strayed into a way of error that is costing us greatly.

Another thing about my body I have come to understand is that there are very likely certain immutable rules that we have lost track of in the bustle of modernization and we are really beginning to see the consequences of that. And no matter how much we wish ourselves into longevity and wellness I don’t see wavering in its ways just so we can do whatever we want with it.

I’ve found that my body is not my own and that it has constraints that really should be followed. I’ve learned to listen carefully and it quite plainly tells me what is good and what is right. And its messages are simple; pleasure and pain.

Our body already knows ahead of time all the possible steps each and every one of us will take at any given moment because it has seen it all before. And because of this deeply ingrained wisdom whatever happens, good or bad, its response is the correct one.

And if you bring into the temple of your body the things it desires it can even heal you spontaneously from all manner of things; including cancer.

My body has a way. It is unchanging, and I have learned to submit my ways to it as the authority of me as its mouth’s gatekeeper…😎


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