Who Is the Richer?

Take a minute to think about the most valuable things in life. If you are like most people, your list includes family, friends, fitness, and finances (money). How would you rank these things on your list? It might surprise you to discover that many of those considered highly successful all rank the same thing at number one: time.

Why do these people consider time to be such a valuable asset? Shouldn’t health be No. 1? Think about it: You can be healthy, get sick, and then regain your health. However, the reality is a little more nuanced than just this plain statement. Because without health, time as a currency enters into a state of devaluation. What good is all the time in the world if your body is in an advanced state of disease and decay? Both are important aspects of wealth regarding health.

Concerning wealth, one very big difference between the modern and ancient worlds is that throughout antiquity, wealth – anything substantially above mere subsistence – was incredibly rare.  Most people don’t realize just how dire the situation was -Bart Ehrman – https://ehrmanblog.org/did-christians-invent-charity/

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